Things we wish had known before constructing an infinity swimming pool!

Things we wish had known before constructing an infinity swimming pool!

We all love the sight of a sweet water pool when the summers peak. Who does not love to dive in the cold waters and feel it easing down your nerves? It is a sheer luxury to have a personal pool. We spend bags full of money. We search for building architects near me to hire and get that cool pool of comfort. Because of the upgrade in industrial capabilities, we have got lots of options to make different types of pools – But then, we make mistakes when getting a pool built at home. Reason? Lack of knowledge.

When it comes to infinity pools, people do not know much things about it. It is fairly new in the market. This is the reason that people make mistakes and lose huge sums of money. So, what to know before you get your infinity pool built?

Everything about Infinity Pools!

When we think of pools, the first image that our mind throws at us is of a block filled with water. Why? Because pools are such. But lately, there have been many types of pools. People spend fortunes to get as creative as they desire. One such creativity around pools manifests itself in the form of infinity pools. These pools get built by expert building architects. So, what exactly are infinity pools?

What are infinity pools?


The word infinity is given to this pool because the edges of this pool seem to be never-ending. The water seems to be having no edges to it. These are the pools that you might have seen on many top roofs of the hotels where those celebrities sit at the very edge and you see water and the landscape behind them, but no edges of the water.

Infinity pools are also often called Zero Edge Pools. It is because this pool type tricks your brain visually to think that there is no edge between the water and the horizon.

History of Infinity pools?

Well, there is no proven claim about where the infinity pools got their roots from. But some people believe that the idea got descended from the first vanishing edge Stag Fountain in the Palace of Versailles in the 17th century.

This is all one needs to know about what infinity pools are and where have they come from. Or not?

Well, infinity pools have their own requirements, benefits, and challenges. Thus, one needs to know things about it before getting it built.

How does an infinity pool work?

Infinity pool is just like another pool, the only difference being that the edges remain low for water to flow over those edges. It is like a waterfall. Imagine rowing in a river. You are going easy until you see that the river seems to be disappearing in the distance. The water seems to be falling down. It is a waterfall.

Similarly, the water in infinity pools flow over the edges and get contained by catchment basins at the bottom. It takes a professional architect builder to lead an infinity pool towards perfection. Look for expert Building Architects Near Me. Do not fall for an inexperienced one who is in the building business for a few years alone.

How much do infinity pools cost?

Well, an infinity pool has special requirements. It needs few additional things than a regular pool –

  • Space
  • Catchment structure
  • Water circulation system
  • Water Filtration system

Because the catchment structure is an extension of the pool, the pool takes more space. But you can adjust this by cutting off some space from the water area.

The water falling down must be circulated back into the pool to keep the edges hidden. If the water does not get circulated, the edges come visible after some time. This circulation system adds extra cost. Furthermore, it adds to the electricity bill.

Pools, in themselves, are costly. And when it comes to infinity pools, it will cost you much more. Infinity pools require professional expertise. We always suggest people to look for building architects near them for help. The cost of infinity pool varies widely due to many factors –

  • building material
  • size of the pool
  • cost of sitting area
  • quality of circulation system
  • Type of designing and shape
  • place where infinity pool is being built – ground or roof?

These factors impact the price by a large margin. We’d want you to get more insight into pools – Get yourself consulted by a professional architect and builder. They will be able to guide you in a better way. Infinity pools are harder to make and require high-quality precision. If it is badly engineered, you’ll soon start facing issues like cracks, spills, etc.

Maintenance costs!

Infinity pools are a complex form of pools. They, at first, require high-quality engineering and architectural skills. And then you need to spend some money on maintenance. This pool involves a water circulation system. This system needs frequent checkups. If anything goes bad with it, you need to spend money on getting it treated.

Then, if any issues occur in the pool, like cracks, algae, wearing off of tiles, then you need to hire a renovator. The water filtration system needs to be checked regularly too. The catchment basin needs to be cleaned regularly along with the pool. It will add up to your work if not the money.

How to get an infinity pool built in India?

As we have spoken before, infinity pools are a complex form of pool. These pools require proper knowledge, professional architectural and building skills, and high-quality precision. It means that you won’t want to get it made by any new player in the market. Look for a company that is old and well equipped. Look for building architects near me and consult with them. Radvi – – has been in the business for over 3 decades and has been helping its customers gain immense growth and security. Check them out.

Infinity pools are indeed some surreal pools that seem to be coming straight from the heavens. But you need to be cautions for this heaven to survive.