Is your Building Architect choosing the right main gate for your home?

Is your Building Architect choosing the right main gate for your home?

They say that well begun is half done; they also say that your external appearance impacts the way people talk to you. And these aphorisms come too true in the field of design and architecture. Not only your interior designing speaks directly to the souls before, but your external designing speaks too. But not many building architects pay attention to this vital feature. says that a true building architect must give proper care to the facade and the main entrance. It has the ability to greet people with grace.

But what if you want to have your say into it? For this, you must have some basics of designing and main entrance beforehand. Thus, here is a brief about the main entrance, its types, and a few factors to consider.

Factors to consider in mind before choosing the main entrance!


When we talk about the main entrance, it is the very first element that people usually see. Thus, it becomes necessary to pay proper care and heed while choosing it. Although deciding about what gate type to choose is necessary, there are factors that must be thought about beforehand. These factors help us avoid later conflicts and have a better harmony.

The area of your property!

The size of your property spills an impact upon how your main entrance looks, and vice versa. You choose too big a gate for two small a property, and your guests will feel like they have been cheated. Furthermore, the size of your driveway impacts the size of your door. If you have a grand driveway, a beautiful swinging gate will sing sweetly to all. Otherwise, if you have a small driveway, there are other better choices like a sliding gate, etc. Speak to your building architect about it if you have one.

The Indian architectural science – Vastu!

Vastu is something that many people consider with high regard. They look towards it with due respect and veneration. If you are someone who wants his/her property to be in harmony with the Vastu, then hire a building architect that holds the proper wisdom around it.

The Maintenance factors!

Buy a diamond dime and don’t maintain it for long; then call a man and ask him to buy that dime. You will see a revelation coming to you. You’ll see that things maintain their worth when you maintain those things. This same comes true to almost everything, even the main entrance gates. If you are ready to take care of utter maintenance for times to come, then your ceaseless choices for the main gate types. Otherwise, if you want a gate with low maintenance costs in future, then don’t go for a wooden gate. Furthermore, wooden gates should be avoided at places that have high humidity issues.

Now, it all comes down to the different types of main gates available.

Types of gates for the main entrance!

When we talk of entrance gates, we talk of it from two perspectives –

  • The material used
  • The design of the door

Thus, this section will first introduce you to the different materials that are available for you to consider according to other factors. Talk to your building architect if they are limited to the options.

The different material types for the main door!

As technology takes a surge, many possibilities walk towards us with a smile put. Earlier there were limitations because the doorway industry was not large, and technology was not there. But now, this field has been graced with choices.

Metal Doors!

These door types are sturdy in strength and offer a high level of security. If you live in an area that has high theft issues, you may go for metal doors. Because now the technology is there, the choices for designs are many. It comes in iron form or steel form.

The good thing about metal doors is that they, unlike wooden doors, do not change their shape under weather shifts.

Tempered Glass Doors!

Tempered glass doors have better strength as compared to pure glass. This material type is good for a property that is an area of high traffic and thus wants to attract passersby. It is mainly used for giant shops and showrooms that want people to see the products and services inside.

The tempered glass comes either in the metal frame, wooden frame, and sometimes even without a frame.

Glass Doors!

This is another variation of material that allows you clear visibility through. Although you cannot have a pure glass door for the entrance, you can use glass in your wooden or metal frame for the entrance. However, a glass door requires regular cleaning.

The different types of main entrances!

Now, after you have chosen the material type for your main door, it is time to look for the design. Some designs do fall unfit for the material types. For example, you cannot have striped gates in a glass door. Thus, suggests having a look for a proper harmony between different elements. You may also talk to an expert building architect around you.

Swinging Gate!

This gate type is the most popular and looks gracious when striped and well designed. It works well for the property that has a large driveway. Swinging gates are the gates that usually are hinged on both sides and then open from the middle.

Sliding Gate!

This gate type uses a rail to slide open. The panels of the door slide to the sides in the pockets made. This door type is mostly preferred for the property that has restricted space for the driveway.

Louvered Gate!

This gate type is often used for places that require higher air circulation. These are the doors that have horizontal slides placed on the door that allows space for air circulation and ventilation, just like those window roller blinds that give space for light. However, know that only use this in the area that has no air and dust pollution.

Accordion Gate!

Ever seen an accordion? That sweetly sounding European musical instrument that has a blend of harmonium and piano? Well, this gate type just looks like and folds like the bellows of an accordion. They use a rail or track to suspend towards the sides. Consult a building architect to look for space for this door type as an entrance.

Dutch Gate!

Ever seen those gates that are divided into two horizontal sections? These sections open up independently of each other. These were first created to allow air circulation to happen while keeping wild animals out of the property.

Although the choices are many when it comes to doors and designs, these are some the most prevalent. You may consider consulting an expert building architect and interior designer around you. it will help you gain an insight into the latest trends and technology, says This will help you open up some different dimensions of pleasure, comfort, and creativity.