Buyer’s Advocate – Services provided and Benefits of Hiring one

Buyer’s Advocate – Services provided and Benefits of Hiring one

A buyer’s advocate is an independent professional who specialises in assessing, locating and negotiating the purchase of a property on behalf of a buyer. A real estate agent usually represents a property seller but a buyers advocate would act mainly for the property buyer.

If you are looking for a buyers advocate  Melbourne, you could find many of them. However, finding a trustworthy buyer advocate is a tough task and you have to be very careful when picking one.

Services provided by a Buyer’s Agent

A buyer’s advocate offers three different types of services. Search, Evaluation and Acquisition. A client would need all three services or just one service. When providing full service, a buyer’s advocate would look for properties that are based on the buyer’s brief, evaluate it and negotiate the purchase whether by auction or by a private sale. The buyer’s advocate might be working for a joke buyer or an investor. The goal could be to buy one property or several others that are a part of the portfolio.

Buyers’ advocate fee varies depending on the level of service that they are engaged in. If they provide full service, then a flat fee or percentage of the property’s ultimate sale price would apply.

The best buyers advocate would know how to get in early and provide the widest choice. It becomes their business to have a comprehensive picture of the properties in the market that matches your criteria and other properties that might soon be listed. Experience within the industry and having good networks would help in such matters.

  • Helps save time: Having a buyer’s advocate seek out properties that would match your requirements would be better than shortlisting and searching all by yourself. With someone else doing major groundwork, the weekends would be freed from possible inspections. You could find more homes this way.
  • Investment skills: Buyer’s advocates with investment property expertise would know the type of property along with where they are located with better prospects for growth. Investing would depend on the level of knowledge and experience of all market indicators.
  • Negotiating or Bidding: Frequently, people do engage a buyer’s advocate for the support provided during the auction and negotiation processes. An experienced professional doesn’t get intimidated or become emotional during the process and focuses on the objective.

A buyer’s advocate is well prepared and would know the best course of action for all scenarios. They are well versed in most of the twists and turns that come up and the tricks of the trade. Understanding the strategies and tactics helps in getting over the line or negotiating against others after the auction.

A buyer’s advocate would have good experience and knowledge regarding real estate, various neighbourhoods, new projects or houses and the market value of property along with the preference of the customers and changing trends in the field of real estate.

When you are planning to sell a property, it would be ideal to reach out to an experienced buyer’s advocate as they can check the property and let you know about any improvements or renovations so that it could help in increasing the value of the property and sell your property at a good market value.